ANA Lounge – Osaka – Review

As I mentioned before, the trip to Osaka was a very impromptu trip because EVA Airways pricing were quite cheap. As EVA Air is part of the Star Alliance, the lounge they use in Osaka is the ANA Lounge.

The lounge itself is located off the main terminal building (have to take an internal train) – but at least close to the gates. The staff were very friendly and just checked our tickets and ushered us in. The lounge itself isn’t tremendiously big, but at least neat and tidy.

The food offering is mainly Japanese offerings (given that the lounge is operated by ANA) – on the day, the special was Japanese curry, which was quite nice for a lounge. The highlight for me though is the yakisoba – which is something that I love to make at home!

Actually quite decent yakisoba and curry

Yakisoba to me needs to be made so that the texture remains bouncy but sufficiently cooked to have absorbed the flavours – these ones had both and paired with a few drops of tabasco (I need chilli) – it was actually a very pleasant surprise.

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