EVA Air Business – Osaka to Taipei (BR871) – Review

As I mentioned earlier, one of the highlights from the Osaka trip was that Ms. Buddha and I got to sample all three types of business class products from EVA Air. The flight from Osaka to Taipei was their medium haul business class version which had very modern and new seats.

New seats with EVA – love the touch screen controller
Can easily see Ms. Buddha

The seats themselves were really comfortable and somehow still had a really new smell to them – after we boarded, we were quickly offered drinks – I had champagne – because it was lunch and Ms. Buddha couldn’t see me have it!

Of course champagne to start

One of the other service that I quite like about EVA Air compared to my regular Cathay is the option to pre-select the food you want – and some are ONLY available if you pre-order (done online).

Ms. Buddha went for the Western option with seafood, whilst I went for the option of a Japanese steak. And because one champagne wasn’t enough, I also went for the sake on offer, which was a junmai daiginjo – the top rank of sake you can get – and taste proves it!

Great sake selection on EVA

Ms. Buddha’s food came in two courses, first a entree with turkey breast and then the main, she liked them both and also mentioned the fact that they weren’t as salty as the food from Cathay (which is a relief because we both hate salty food).

Mine came in a traditonal bento style set and the steak was tasty but a bit too overcooked – the soba was a slight disappointment but the appetizers were quite nice to go with the rice as well. Overall, quite a decent meal!

Western set entree


Japanese Set

To finish the meal – everyone got a little roll and also fruit – I also managed to get another bottle of the sake 😛

Keen eyes will spot the 2nd bottle of sake

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