Sorabol, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – Review

If you asked Ms. Buddha about 5 years ago about whether I liked Korean food, she would say I hate it, and the reason was that there were so many items that wasn’t really tasty but was just there for the sake of small plates.

This was until my colleague took us to a place called Sorabol for dinner one time – he is Korean and have been working in Hong Kong for decades – being a regular there himself, he said that the Korean dishes in Sorabol is as authentic as you can get in Hong Kong.

Lee Theatre, 99 Percival St, Bowrington

Ever since going there, I took Ms. Buddha there because she loves Korean food but was so starved of it because I don’t like it. Hence the reason why I took her there one night. After ordering some dishes that I had last time – the usual small plates came.

The great thing about the small plates here is that there aren’t too many but at the same time, they are all very high quality – personally, I’d give the peanuts and fish a miss just because of texture – otherwise, we polished all the plates off!


Next thing that came was something that Ms. Buddha has never had before – simply put – it’s mixed veggies wrapped in fish that has been cooked just right (the moment it becomes cooked) – the dish is wonderful and you really should try it (called fish dumplings). The sauce is a great compliment to the dumplings and the fish has that medium cooked texture (because of the fat) that makes it so special.


Next dish is by far my favourite here – it is beef stew, but with some really good Korean herbs and sauce that makes the beef so sweet. The cooking process makes the fatty meat taste less oily and the meat they use is very tender and has that really flavourful beefiness – a rare find – and perfect to go with rice to cut out the remaining oil.


Many of you who read my blog would know that I pretty much love everything that has carbs in it, and potato dishes are a must. The potato pancakes here are by one of the best I’ve had. The taste itself is very plain (although you can taste the potato) – but it is the texture that is the highlight of the dish. There’s a springiness to the pancakes that makes it absolutely stunning.

Sorabol - Potato Cakes.jpg

Finally, the dish that Ms. Buddha always gets is the Chilli tofu stew – ever since going the first time, this is a go-to dish for her, and everytime she has it, you can tell she’s enjoying every moment of it with the smile that comes after!

Sorabol - Tofu.jpg

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