CX233 – Hong Kong to Milan – Cathay Pacific First Review

After the visit to the First Class lounge – Ms. Buddha and I relaxed a fair bit and then headed for check-in – the check-in process itself was incredibly smooth and given that the first class cabin is small – you really get dedicated service. The fact that there’s no overhead bins meant that the space felt really spacious. And of course, the seats themselves are massive!
Look how massive the seats are!
Once seated, we were offered champagne/drinks with a small appetizer – champagne was very nice. And it’s a good start to get myself comfortable with the seat.
There’s really only one way to describe the seats and that is that it’s a LOT of room, and shortly after take-off the flight attendants started providing us with the menus and of course offering the caviar service.
One of the features about the first class setup in Cathay is that you can sit opposite your partner during meal service – I popped up head up to see if Ms. Buddha wanted to join me for dinner only to find that she already had her table opened and ready for the meal to begin – and she didn’t want to bother! Disappointed.
Getting comfy with the large screen
The caviar service on Cathay First is quite decent in that you’re provided with chopped eggs and chives with blinis. The quality of the caviar is obviously not the top notch caviar, but still pretty good, and having this whilst watching a film is pure enjoyment.
Caviar to start
Next came the Chinese Broth – which is actually pretty good! You get pickled cucumber and also jellyfish – the fact that you also get your own bread basket – which is great, apart from only the fact that you can never finish it and slightly wasteful.
Excellent broth
For the main, there was the option of lobster with rice – on the recommendations of research – and now I’m a convert – the lobster was cooked just right – and the sauce compliments the rice perfectly – added to the fact that it’s lobster on the flight – hard to beat.
Properly great lobster – and excellent rice
After the dinner service, it was time to get prepared for bed, and the attendant made my bed whilst I visited the restroom. Once tucked in, it was genuinely one of the comfiest airline seats I’ve been on.
I don’t sleep well on flights because any level of turbulence puts me on edge, and very very fortunately, the flight was incredibly smooth to the point I managed about 6 hrs – before I knew it, breakfast service started – with the starter being fresh fruit, always a plus on flights (makes you feel fresh).
Fruit is always great on a flight
Next was eggs cooked to preference (mine is almost always scrambled, with sausages, bacon and potato cakes – the eggs were in fact quite good – even by normal cafe standard – whilst the bacon was sadly way too salty – but otherwise, one of the better breakfast I’ve had.
Favourite – scrambled eggs to start the day
Before we knew it, we touched down into Milan and because of a heck of a lot of priority privileges associated with First Class, we were through customs (got asked where I got my Cartoon Jurassic Park Dino Whisperer shirt) – and picked up our checked in luggage before everyone else and into the airport already – Airport was pretty simple, but there was a pretty cool light installation.
Milan Airport light feature

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