Venice – Carnival Hotel – Suite – Review

Once habit that Ms. Buddha and I always have when travelling is that we almost always try to go through the toughest part of the trip at the beginning such as driving, so given that we arrived in Milan early and well rested (thanks to the Cathay First Flight) – we picked up our car from Avis (a little A3 – love hatches!) and made our journey to Venice!
My little baby for the trip
Venice itself is a little weird in that you then to park away from the island and then take a bus or train there – and because of a little bit of misplanning – our carpark was a little far – that said we found out a bus actually takes you almost to the front of the carpark.
Corso del Popolo, 55, 30172 Venezia, Italy
Once parked, we made our way to the bus stop and took the very very packed bus into the centre of Venice. The walk to the Carnival Hotel Suite is about 15mins from the bus and train terminals. But it wasn’t too hot and I wanted to get my barrings. Plus the weather was really too nice to not enjoy. We arrived at about 12:30pm and were told the room was upgraded to an even larger suite and that it’ll be about 15mins – Ms. Buddha took some time to enjoy the river view.
Ms. Buddha taking in the view
Fondamenta Cannaregio, 929, 30121 Venezia, Italy
Once ready, we made our way to the room ourselves – I really dislike people touching my luggage, so we made our journey to the room ourselves. The room was properly massive for just two people – although amenities wise, it lacked a bit. Given that there weren’t any gyms “living room” acted as a great spot for me to do body-weight exercises whilst watching TV. (Watched so much NHK World).
Living room and bedroom
Comfy comfy!
Now onto the bathroom – one of the bigger gripes I have about the place – the bath is super slippery, not good when it’s also incredibly deep with no handrails; in addition to that, the shower is not shielded by any extra doors, so you end up spraying water everywhere in the floor – not a good design – oddly also something that is consistent it seems across showers in Europe.
The very easily wet bathroom
Overall, the carnival hotel is good in that the rooms are spacious and the rates include a decent breakfast, the place is also very clean so and the location itself is actually quite good because it’s close to water buses and pretty much away from the touristy areas (get some quiet).


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