Menya SaiSai – 麺屋彩々 昭和町本店 – Osaka – Round 2 – Food Review

The Menya SaiSai was very well documented last time, but good things are hard to not revisit, so when Mama Buddha came with Ms. Buddha and I to Osaka – it was only natural that we took her to one of the better ramen places we’ve been to in recent times.

Japan, 〒545-0021 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Abeno-ku, Hannanchō, 1 Chome−1−46−8 Closest station is Showacho

As I mentioned before the place is famous for chicken based soup for their ramen, and by popular I mean that when we arrived, there was a line like last time, knowing the etiquette, we waited with the rest of the would-be customers before being called in for the counter seats.


Once sat, we checked out the menu and Mama Buddha went for the Soy based chicken soup, I went for the chillier version whilst Ms. Buddha went for the original chicken soup base ramen.

Chef at work

This continues to be one of the best ramen that I have tasted, although, after having tried the chillier alternative, I would recommend that anyone viisting should stick with the original chicken soup base with nothing else mixed – because you will be blown away.

Original – chicken broth
With soya
The chilli version

This place continues to be my highly recommended place in Osaka, and although it is slightly out of the way to get here – it is worth every effort!

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