Osaka Aquarium – Experience – Photo gallery

If you’re visiting Osaka for the first time, there’s one place that you should aim to take some time out for and that is Osaka Aquirium, it is away from the general town (near the coast) but it is worth a visit because apart from the actual Aquarium itself, the shops that are located closeby are worth a visit (although they’re slightly tacky – but somewhat funny at the same time.

1 Chome-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 552-0022, Japan

When you first arrive, the place is hard to miss, because the building itself is quite unique.

A very distinct building

The line is normally quite long to purchase the tickets, and the tickets themselves have a creature.

Tickets in hand – Credit to Ms. Buddha’s hand

With tickets in hand, we proceeded up the stairs towards the entrance.

Stairs to the entrance

The day we visited, was absolutely swamped with people tourists – and the mainland tourists were out in droves in the fact that they would barge their way through the queue instead of patiently wait – that said, the mean issue is during the entrance area where people tend to crowd, further into the aquarium, the crowd slowly thinned and we were able to better enjoy what was on offer – and frankly – this is one of the better aquariums I’ve been to, especially the fact that there were a couple of whale sharks which I can just be amazed by their size.

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