Japan Department Store Food and Airbnb , Osaka – Review

One of the better things about Airbnb that I mentioned before was the added benefit that there’s the ability to cook, another additional benefit for Airbnb in Japan is the fact that hotels in Japan tends to be more difficult in terms of fitting 3 people in, so for the trip with Mama Buddha and Ms. Buddha, I made the choice to go for Airbnb in Osaka instead and we were fortunate to find the one very close to Osaka central – Osaka Airbnb

Can’t show the exact location because Airbnb is not exactly “legal” and common

The host was absolutely amazing, and kept in touch with me during the visit, she was also the one who guided me through the parking (by using an amazing tool in LINE where you send messages for translations – not perfect with lock being shown as “rock” – but still pretty cool) – so credit to her for the parking guide.

Very comfortable lounge to watch the Tennis and make hotpot!

With this property, there was a small guide in the property that told us that Airbnb is not very common in Japan yet so please tell anyone who asks that we’re just friends of the neighbor (which we respected – but we were never approached – so all good. The major benefit in my mind that I feel is absolutely terrific about Airbnb was that because you’re effectively staying at an apartment where people actually live – you get a full size kitchen – and it has always been a dream of mine to actually go supermarket shopping and cooking – so we did just that this time and managed to get a LOT of food for 3 people and had our very own hot pot in the property (because there was a hot pot stove and also portable gas stove for hot pot – needless to say it was just amazing!!!

Just amazing!
Need to include the beer for Mother Buddha

One thing to keep in mind is when you do use the kitchen items in Airbnb (not just in Japan) – you should always have the courtesy of clean up after yourself – whilst many host run their properties like a business – I still think that it’s the idea of showing mutual respect to each other.

In terms of the Osaka Airbnb apartment – it is highly recommended, especially the view and also the terrific host!!

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