Cathay Pacific Hong Kong to Singapore (CX691) – Business Class Review

This trip started mainly because Ms. Buddha had to be in New York for about 2 weeks for work, and because I was having one of those “what am I going to do for 2 weeks moments” I decided to book myself a long weekend holiday somewhere. The first thought was Japan – but then having been too many times recently, I went instead with Singapore. The flight itself departed at 8am, which means getting to the airport at about 6:30am – instead of taking the airport express – I booked a Tesla transfer instead through Klook because I was in one of those miserable lonely moods without Ms. Buddha around.

The transfer was smooth except for the fact that we had a typhoon the day before my departure in Hong Kong so a fair amount of people were impacted by delays and cancellations from the night before so there was a mini traffic jam when I got there – the driver was great though.

The surprising thing, and personally something I didn’t entirely understand was the fact that when I got to the airport – the whole place was swamped (especially the Economy counters); but when I got to the business and first class counters – it was absolutely empty with security making sure you are in fact traveling business/first – great that I got through quickly – but didn’t seem that efficient. In no time I was in the lounge.

My go to Siu Mai

When it was about time to board, it was very smooth and I was one of the first people on; one great thing is just being familiar with the surrounding (especially the typical Cathay décor).

Familiar surroundings

The food served in this instance was breakfast and it started with the typical fruit, which is always fruit with Cathay – one thing that I quite like about them.

I love fruit for breakfast

Next course that came was the choice of Chinese or Western breakfast, and I was craving for a bit of eggs so went with the scrambled eggs – the eggs itself was great although the bacon and potato cake were far too salty.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like scrambled eggs either 😛

After the meal, I tried to entertainment surf a little instead of watch a proper film and then the attendants approached me and asked for me to provide feedback. I’m frankly not sure what is it about me which says I’ll provide good feedback, but this is happens very often – none the less, I tried to be honest!

Survey again…

The flight itself was quite comfortable, on time and got me there in one piece, which is the most important thing J

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