Koothurar Nasi Briyani Restaurant, Singapore – Review

There’s really very little food that I tend to crave on a regular basis than fried rice, Ms. Buddha has gotten use to me going “add another fried rice” to any order whenever we go eat – and throughout the years, I’ve become very picky on the quality of the fried rice I consume. So when I heard researched and found one of the best “Indian fried rice” with curry places in Singapore – I had to try – enter Koothurar Nasi Briyani.

17 Beach Road, Singapore 190017

Biryani itself is a mixed rice dish that is often served with some curry sauce and meat – everything that I love. To get there, I effectively called an Uber from the Hotel to the place – one thing great about Uber is that their destination searches are similar to Google.

Entrance to the housing estate area

It was hot but I wasn’t deterred because food was my mission, and when I found the place (because the place looked like a housing estate so I overshot), there was already a line of people there.

Line of heads

As I waited, I looked around and there was a Chinese Dim Sum place next to them that looked delicious – although I didn’t take anything from them to not ruin my appetite.

Dim Sums next door

Quite quickly, I got to the counter and signaled I wanted the chicken – the efficiency of the staff there are amazing and I got my tray of food and just found a spot somewhere.

A manufacturing chain for deliciousness

In terms of taste, the biryani was delicious –  and if you’re a fan of Indian food, you should definitely visit this place – the chicken itself was slightly dry, although the flavour was completely absorbed by the flesh. In terms of the texture, it is one thing that I just love about Indian rice – they are always long grained, and mixed with the right amount of spices that makes them perfect on its own. The curry that it came with was packed with a nice spicy flavour without being salty – excellent!

Excellent…just excellent

Etiquette Note: for those who are trying Singapore Food Courts for the first time, the general etiquette is that you grab a seat (even share a table) and just dig in. There are no tissues (either BYO or buy it off hawkers); and once you’re finished, you can just leave as there are food court staff that cleans up (apparently you insult them if you try to clean yourself).

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