Sungei Road Laksa, Singapore – Review

When in Singapore, one of the best places to truly experience the best food available is at food courts, poor, rich, young or old would all mingle in the same place in the pursuit of good food. So it was quite natural for me to find that one of the highlight regarded Laksa place in Singapore was at a Food Court.

Blk 27 Jalan Berseh #01-100, Singapore 200027

When I go there, it’s actually hard to miss since that they are facing the grass field and also because there’s always a line there – without much thought, I just joined the line.

Just queue up

Being not entirely familiar what’s on offer, I just spent some time observing the previous customers and what they did, but it ended up that there was only one choice – you do get to pick how many you want. I signaled that I wanted one, and at 3 SGD (~16HKD) – frankly it was a bargain.

Only one option

As with all food courts, I got my food and sat myself down next to a little old lady and got did my habitual sip of the soup base first  – it was excellent! You get a spoon with each bowl and the locals eat this with the spoon only – because the noodles are already cut to edible size. Whilst the soup was excellent, the highlight is the Blood Clams – you get a small scoop to go with each bowl and these semi-raw clams have a burst of freshness that you won’t find in anything else – perfect compliment to the laksa!

Excellent laksa with just divine red clams

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