Singapore National Museum – “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible” Exhibit – Photo Gallery

Being an introvert, there’s something mentally romantic about just going to a museum or gallery and just spending hours and losing yourself in a world that is not crowded and you can just lose yourself in thought. In a world where we’re now constantly bombarded with voices fighting to be heard, we forget there is a certain beauty in subtlety; which made the experience at the Singapore National Museum even more eventful for me.

93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
A very impressive building

The National Museum is Singapore’s flagship museum and the permanent exhibit explores the history of how Singapore came to be “Singapore” (more on that in the next post) – but they also have a timed exhibit which on my visit was more aligned towards modern art called the “What is Not Visible is Not Invisible”.

“What is not visible is not invisible”

When you walk into the exhibit, it is pitch black and each of the pieces touches on trying to convey a message without ever screaming it out as an expression. I won’t spoil it by showing every single piece, but here are some of the highlights (in my view), with caption of my thoughts.


“Blue Sail” – creating form with air


In a room where the beams of light create the illusion of swimming through silk


You’re encouraged to pick one that best represents you
So I picked one that made me think of Ms. Buddha
A world where a lot of us talk, but very little listen…

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