Haji Lane, Singapore – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

Living in Hong Kong, it is very easy to just get use to the soullessness of the city given that every shop looks exactly the same and even the graffiti that has recently popped up in the Central/Western areas on Hong Kong island look nothing more than curated and somewhat “forced”.

Singapore has been compared to Hong Kong, and after visiting it; I have to say that there seems to be just a little bit more “soul” to it; one area in particular that is unavailable in Hong Kong is the Haji Lane (and if Hong Kong tried something similar, it’ll likely end up like the silly food trucks).

Search for Haji Lane – easy to find on Uber

The area is packed with boutique shops, with all the shops being a little quirky in the sense that they are items that you will not normally find in large shopping centers that are peppered all across Singapore.

One thing that does stand out in Haji Lane is the art graffiti that are all around the area, which act as expression of creativity and in some cases lures to stores. Enjoy!


The bar menu looks great!


Reminds me of Samurai Pizza Cat!


Love the smug face


Geek heaven in Singapore


In addition to the various art available – there’s also a couple of resident cats that are just absolutely adorable – pity I’m allergic – otherwise the cute little grey one would’ve gotten a nice belly rub for giving me a rat…

Watching my new friend
Thanks for the rat little buddy

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