Singapore SilverKris Business Lounge – Changi Airport

One of the things that I was looking forward to this time we were flying Singapore Airline out of Changi was to test out the Singapore Air Lounge. The ride from the Intercontinental to Changi is about 35mins and we arrived with plenty of time – enough time for Ms. Buddha to spent some time shopping for pandan cake.

Tasty Kaya Pandan Cake

I have to admit, whilst Hong Kong Airport is efficient to the point that it’s kind of too clinical – what I’ve found with other airports globally is that they have a little more character and soul – and Changi had the appropriate Pokemon theme around to add a little bit more “fun” to the environment.

Entrance to the lounge

We made our way through immigration and security which like Hong Kong Airport there are no priority lanes because things move along quickly enough and in no time we were at the Lounge.


Right off the bat, this lounge is comfortable, the space and seating makes you feel like you have your own personal space no matter where you choose to seat – which is much better compared to Cathay’s Lounges nowadays where a lot of the time it’s packed.

Much used alcohol area
Very comfortable sitting area
Excellent food selection
Bar area

The food area is situated in its own area and there’s a decent range of both hot and cold choices – mostly with a Singaporean flare – the quality of the food is actually quite decent.

Curry rice…my favourite
Beef glorious beef
More Pikachu to send us off!

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