Intercontinental Singapore – Club Lounge – Review

There’s something about club lounges that is so appealing when you travel, and although what constitute as a “lounge” varies largely between properties, the ones that Ms. Buddha and I have been to so far have been quite nice – so when we were staying at the IC Singapore, I was very eager to see what was on offer. The lounge itself is located on the 2nd floor and the entrance is actually quite grand!

Impressive Entrance
Perfect painting for the entrance

The space itself is actually very comfortable and has nice sufficient partitions between areas for you to get the feeling of privacy while you enjoy a book/Netflix/blogging fury!

Excellent use of partitions
Nice spread

Like most lounges, there’s an afternoon tea period (breakfast is included but you can go to the proper restaurant for a full buffet downstairs); and a happy hour.

Afternoon Tea

When it comes to afternoon tea, I think the IC Singapore beats the IC Bangkok in terms of food offerings, the service continues to be excellent but the nibbles available was a lot more diverse – had a good range of tasty sandwiches and also sweets,

Excellent Afternoon Tea

Happy Hour

Happy Hour (normally around 5:30 to 8:00pm) – is what I observe to be by far the busiest times at lounges around the world period! I frankly think it is because of the fact that free alcohol is served (and who doesn’t like free booze!) – the drinks ranges from wine to cocktails made to order. Unlike the Grand Hyatt Lounge, the clients during our stay there were a little more behaved although a bit demanding (to a point where they scolded an employee for not putting them at a larger table because they were too late to the lounge).

Tasty happy hour snacks
Good variety every night
For those who want to pour their own drinks

The food during happy hour was also very high quality and the beef they had one night was so delicious that Ms. Buddha ended up ordering repeats! (Which is rare for her!)

In addition to that, there’s also a very decent spread of fruits and sweets bar – one of the more impressive ones I’ve seen at hotel lounges.

Great selection of fruit…
and sweet of course!


For breakfast, you have a choice of dining at the lounge or having a full buffet breakfast at their Ash & Elm. The breakfast choices at Ash & Elm is impressive and very international – although it does get very packed in the morning (especially when you intend to exercise in the morning then have a 9am breakfast)

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