Conrad Seoul – Executive Lounge and Breakfast – Review

In my previous post, I mentioned that the Conrad Seoul property was pretty hard to fault both on hard product and on service during our stay – in addition to having a pretty incredible room staying in the Grand Executive Suite; guests also have the privilege of breakfast and also access to the Executive Lounge which typical of hotel lounges, also offers happy hour.

One of the best things about the room


Breakfast is served at the main restaurant Zest and is basically a buffet breakfast with a fair amount of choices! Because Ms. Buddha and I prefer to work out in the morning; and because the bed was just so damn comfortable; Zest was already quite packed by the time we finished our run.

The space itself is quite beautiful and in terms of selection, there really is something for everybody – for those who want a bit more of a Korean flare – there’s ample Korean food – including one of the better pickled range I’ve had (even after exploring all around Seoul)

Empty area because we took this on our last morning
A large range of choices
For the bread lovers
Excellent kimchi

For those who wants to stick with the Western choice – the scrambled eggs are really delicious and great gourmet sausages.

Western bar with really good scrambled
My breakfast for my vegetarian day

Happy Hour

As with a lot of Club/Executive Lounges, the most popular time to visit the lounge is during happy hour, and that is mainly because there’s normally a pretty good selection of hot food and also free alcohol.

However, when we were there, because it was during peak season, they had the happy hour in the Grand Ballroom instead – which I’m guessing is normally used for weddings for Korea’s elite family because it as massive! Although during our visit, the ballroom was actually really packed! (Ms. Buddha and I didn’t even have a wedding when we married)

Ballroom fit for a king!

The food was excellent when we were there and Ms. Buddha even got so absorbed into the pork that she ignored the fact that I was going vegetarian that day and said “what amazing pork” while nodding to herself until she realised I was staring at her drooling.

Love cheese…any cheese
For the salad lovers…
and for the sweet tooth

During off-peak periods, happy hour is available at the normal lounge which is frankly very well designed and once again has an amazing view!

Comfy fireplace during the freezing weather
For catching up on the news…
Main lounge area
If anything else, there’s a lovely view…

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