DongDaeMun Street Food and Roam – Experience

Our flight arrived into Seoul during night time (about 9pm) and by then, both Ms. Buddha and I were a little peckish; so we decided to head out to one of the more popular night time districts for tourists in hope for some dinner/snacks – DongDaeMun.

Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Because it was a little late and I was slightly impatient, we called for a cab and experienced once again the Fast and the Furious driving style of Korean cabs – we were there in about 20mins (after running about 3 red lights) – note that it was about -10 degrees Celsius at the time.

DDP building – very futuristic


Unfortunately a lot of the food stalls were closed

DongDaeMun is hard to miss in the fact that they have the DDP (DongDaeMun Design Plaza) there – it is basically a space that promotes design and architecture – and frankly it is a very comfortable place to just roam around silently with your significant other.

Love the cold…just LOVE it!
Perfect for a little date walk

Because food was what we were after, we started looking for food and eventually found a store selling sausages on a stick – and that is really hard to beat. In terms of taste – the sausages had a fair dose of Korean sweet chilli sauce on it (not chilli enough in my opinion) but otherwise taste very similar to Taiwanese sausage (with a little less fat)

Can’t explain how happy I am to see this, especially when I was hungry
Tasty – but not chilli enough!

Ms. Buddha was looking for something a little sweet and when a friendly gentleman asked whether we wanted crepes – it was hard for Ms. Buddha found it hard to resist and went for a Nutella and banana crepe – she finished it herself but was very pleased!

The start…
Almost done…
Too eager to take a bite….

After roaming for a little longer (turns out the market was actually closed) – we decided to just have more food at one of the side street tents. We ordered some dumplings and also blood sausage (like black pudding but with a little rice noodles to add texture) – the owners knew Mandarin (so we used Mandarin) – but both the dumplings and blood sausage was delicious – particularly in such cold weather!

The owner who knows many languages.
Delicious dumplings!
One of my favourites – blood sausage

With our bellies filled and markets closed, the only placed left opened around the area was the Lotte Fitin – which ended up quite interesting if you’re looking for Korean aligned fashion.

One of the last places opened

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