Myeong-Dong Market – Roam Experience – Food Review

If you’re visiting Seoul and looking for night markets, one of the most famous (i.e. forewarning that there are a lot of tourists) markets to visit is Myeong-Dong Market. You won’t miss it because if you’re shopping at the main Lotte department store, you can pretty much just follow the crowd.

Myeong-dong market is closest to Myeong-dong Station – although it’s accessible from many different stations!
Expect to shuffle

If you’re like me and loves street food, your eyes will be delighted by a variety of different street food offering – each stall has their own specialty, although some of the more typical fried offerings then to repeat itself across the market. One of the more distinct ones was a burger joint, which looked delicious!

Fried eggs stall
The “Sizzle” is a good crowd attraction!
Socks in case you forgot…

Not being able to resist fried fish cakes – Ms. Buddha and I went for a variety skewer – which was delicious especially when the chilli sauce was hot!

For those fried delights fans
Fish cake skewers

The next stall that got my attention was meat balls – it was grilled meat balls and apparently with high quality meats (they looked hand-made); we got one to share between the 2 of us and added a good dose of special cream sauce – the texture of the meat balls was excellent and flavour was delicious!

Grilled meat balls…
with special creamy sauce

Walking a bit further into the market – I was attracted by fried milk cakes – and having fallen in love with Korean Milk (Korean milk ice cream), I decided to give this a try (especially when the stall owners looked young – support the youths!) The cakes were admittedly a little sweet for my taste although the chewy texture was quite nice.

Fried “milk” shop[
Great texture, a little too sweet
Too sweet – but definitely cute!!

The last stall we visited was a lonely stall owner who had a little stove kart without any covers – the offerings were nuts – in particular Bai Guo or Ginkgo Nuts – which are already shelled and then cooked in the mesh stove as he massages the skin off the nuts – quite a spectacle to watch.

The toss in motion….
Master at work
The rub
Bare ginkgo nuts – almost done!

The nuts themselves were excellent – I love ginkgo nuts – and the cooking process made a slightly firm shell on the outside and then a very chewy core; what’s more, in the cold, eating them by hand was so fun!

You can “see the heat!”

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