International Finance Center, Seoul – Food Review

As I mentioned before – we stayed at the Conral Seoul for our trip – where both the lounge and the room itself were fantastic! That said, neither Ms. Buddha and I are people who would order room service, so after a very long day of walking around different areas of Seoul – we were still determined to eat something other than room service so we decided to head down into the shopping center under the IFC where Conrad was located to see what’s available.

Amazingly large food hall

In terms of food, there’s a huge range of restaurants available, but a lot of them contained meat so given that I was still having vegetarian, choices were limited, in the end, I went for a Mushroom Bujabap whilst Ms. Buddha went for a Stew with Seafood instead.

My choice
Ms. Buddha’s choice

The food court itself is very international (English everywhere), once you order, you get a little smartphone sized device that rumbles once your food is ready.

Smartphone like device
Where Ms. Buddha picked up her food

In terms of the food, my Mushroom Bujabap was delicious in terms of having enough spicy sauce and also the ingredients were very fresh; let alone the fact that the rice had an excellent texture (not Japan excellent – but great none-the-less).

Mushroom Bujabap

Ms. Buddha is a fan of Seafood Tofu stew and whilst she seems to enjoy it, years of eating chilli with me has meant that she actually said the stew wasn’t hot enough! The kimchi and sides were delicious however.

Tofu Seafood Stew

After a proper meal – we walked around the shopping center a bit more and stumbled upon an ice cream store with a relatively large gathering of people – so naturally we waited in line and got our token that eventually exchanges for an actual milk ice cream.

Ice Cream Shop
The line finally thinned
You can exchange this for ice cream!

The ice cream has a very “ice cream” shape – and taste wise, it was delicious (we actually had it a second time while we were there). Frankly, it was one of the tastier ice cream I’ve had in a while although my preference would be for it to be just marginally less sweet so that the milk flavour can come out a little more.

The shape is just….perfect

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