Okinawa Aquarium – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

I’ve talked before about how much I love the Ritz Okinawa, and the service continue to be excellent – in fact if you’re planning to visit the Okinawa Aquarium, you can just tell the concierge and they will organise cheaper tickets for you – it even comes with a nice little Ritz envelope!

The Aquarium is a slight distance away and the actual building is located in park of a larger water themed park – and there’s about 6 different carparks.

Use phone: 01980 48 3748 and then follow the carpark signs

When we got there, it was already pretty packed so we parked a slight distance away, but the walk is pretty nice since that you get to enjoy the sea view and you can see some of the outdoor exhibits where there’s a manitees tank and also a sea turtle tank.


Blobs of turtles

The entrance to the building is very high up so it’s also a good lookout spot towards the sea.

Excellent lookout spot

There’s the ticketing area – which wasn’t packed – but we were armed with tickets already so we entered with the first section being a pool where people can touch some of the sea life.

A touching pool – mainly for kids

The aquarium is massive, and with various types of tanks and although I am aware that keeping animals trapped is not the most humane thing, I also think that it’s one of the only mediums where kids and adults can learn about sea life. And frankly, one picture is worth a thousand words:


Just cruising


Almost invisible – yet so beautiful
Scramble scramble scramble…

If you’re a research geek like me, you’ll also know that Okinawa Aquarium houses one of the largest tanks in the world with also one of the largest piece of glass ever made – you’ll know when you’re about to get to the huge observation area.

What’s also amazing is the is the fact that there’s a huge whale shark in the tank – makes you wonder what else is in the sea!

Just amazing…

For those who also follow the news, the Okinawa Aquarium acquired a great white earlier in 2017, but unfortunately, due to difficulties with the transportation – the shark died a few weeks, but what remains is a Shark Science area which is quite entertaining to run your fingers across the different shark teeth types.

All in all, the Aquarium did not disappoint and it was excellent! Oh! And there’s also that giant squid they found!

Giant Squid

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