Nakijin Castle (World Heritage) Remains – Photo Gallery

For those who loves a bit of history, Okinawa is actually a really diverse place given that it has a good blend of Japan culture; Western culture (because of the base) – and Asian culture (because of the location being so far from mainland Japan). And one of the sites that dated back to the 14th Century is the Nakiji Castle.

Just East of the Okinawa Aquarium – use phone code 01 980 56 4400

I think that most people drive here because of the proximity away from most other places, but the location is very picturesque. The castle dates back to the Hokuzan kingdom which was effectively the natives – and later was attacked by both the Ryukyu Kingdom and subsequently the Japanese empire during which the castle was destroyed.

Ticket booth and tickets obtained!

Around the remains site – there’s snippets of information (English available” explaining what the location was originally used for along with the lovely backdrop.

One of the sites that remained very intact is one of the Fire God temples – which also revealed a bit more about the fact that the area was also influenced by other Asian countries (Chinese were used).


Closer to the parking area is a museum that was dedicated to more the daily lives of the original people living there – no photos were allowed in the actual exhibit though.

Entrance to the life museum

Except! One poster that we keep seeing, it was a “Toilet Museum” which I at first didn’t get until we were about to leave, and then…

Was seeing this poster everywhere!
Cute mascot
What’s inside?

Being the curious cat that I am, when I see a curious toilet door, I will open (why haven’t I found Narnia yet!) – but I guess a toilet gallery is even better!

Secret Bathroom Museum!
Bathroom action themed

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