Tomari Fish Market (泊いゆまち管理事務所)– Roam and Food Experience – Photo Gallery

If “freshness” matters for one type of food, it is most definitely seafood – and where else better than to have seafood than in a country where the population almost treats raw seafood like a religion! Given that we were in Okinawa, we decided to pay Tomari Fish Market a visit.

Use the phone code: 01 98 868 1096 quite easy to find because it’s right next to the coast.

When you get there, parking is at the back of the property and then you walk back around – unfortunately it was raining at the time so we got slightly wet – the front door is representative of what’s in store.

Front entrance – weather wasn’t perfect though

Each stall inside has some slight specialization, although given that the market is not exactly a “tourist destination” not all stalls sells things catered for visitors, although the good thing about markets is that you can just pick and choose what you want.

In the end we went for a selection of Tuna Toro; scallops; oysters and eel – the tuna took the spotlight by far given the freshness and also the fact that fatty tuna always just melts in your mouth. Ms. Buddha is a fan of scallops so she grinned the moment she tried one!

Super fresh – although like many reviews, there weren’t many places to sit

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