Stripe Ramen, Okinawa – Review

Whenever I’m in Japan, one thing that I tend to crave is Ramen and given that I was in Okinawa, I wanted to try something slightly different – a “western twist” on the traditional ramen. So after a bit of research, it brought Ms. Buddha and I to Stripe Ramen, just outside the Hilton Okinawa.

Use code 01 98 923 2227

The good thing about Okinawa is because of the American influence and the abundance of space, you’re pretty much always going to be able to find parking close to where you want to be.

You’re at the right spot when you see this!

The place itself is very Western and actually because of the fact that it’s very close to America town – a lot of the customers are also Westerners – the TV was also showing Tom and Jerry – brings back childhood memories.

Tom and Jerry playing in the background

Wanting a bit of meat, I went for the Beef Ramen and Ms. Buddha went for the Tomato Soup base ramen.

The beef ramen had a clearish soup base. The beef slices were excellent in that it was perfectly medium rare; but the disappointing bit is the soup base – although it was delicious, it felt catered to the Western taste a bit too much (can’t blame them given the location)

Decent ramen – but the beef was excellent

The tomato ramen Ms. Buddha liked relatively ok, but similar to the beef ramen, she felt that it wasn’t authentic enough and had a bit too much of a gimmick – that said, the ingredients were excellent.

Tomato base ramen

Overall, the place was nice, but it wasn’t mind blowing like you’d find in other cities, I suspect it’s mainly because of the clientele around the area.













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