Hyatt Regency Kyoto – Review

With our bellies filled and bodies relaxed after a few nights at the Ritz Carlton Okinawa, we were ready to get back to ease back towards more city type living, so what better city than Kyoto! The last time Ms. Buddha and I were in Kyoto was years ago when we were fresh out of University –  so this time we went for something with a little more luxury at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto.

The property itself is located a bit further away from the main train station, but because we were driving, it wasn’t much of an issue. Upon arrival, we got a feeling that the property is quite traditional.


Perfect weather!
Bamboo themed entrance

The lobby itself has a really clean and simplistic design, and I love the clean wooden theme of the property as a whole. Check-in was actually quite smooth despite the fact that it was the season for cherry blossoms viewing – so guess we were very lucky!

We were also offered an upgrade but the room would 2 separate beds instead of 1 King bed – they offered to put the beds together – and frankly, we weren’t fussed.


The room itself was quite small by Western standards although I think quite adequate for Kyoto (in fact Japan) standards, the décor was very comfortable and everything was very efficient – I actually quite liked it!


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One thing that I do quite like is the fact that they had an in-room tablet that you can order room service and services through – so being an extreme introvert – it meant that I can order things without calling – it should be available in all hotels!


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As with all hotels, one thing that Ms. Buddha and I prefer to have is a gym – the gym was located in a separate wing of the hotel – and you have to take separate elevators to get to it. The gym itself is sufficiently equipped although a little claustrophobic as there’s no natural light (or windows).

Somewhere to work off the food!

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto is a very nice property if you are looking for a bit of familiar luxury with a Japanese spin – the service is wonderful (where in Japan is it not?) but in terms of coming back – I’d probably try something else next time just due to sheer curiosity.

Perfect welcome every night

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