Regeoin Sanjusangendo (蓮華王院 三十三間堂) – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

After checking in and getting settled at the Hyatt Regency, it was time to do a bit of exploring before our pre-dinner run! And to keep it simple – we decided to visit one the temples that we’ve never been and also right next to the hotel – the Regeoin Sanjusangendo.

The temple itself was built back in the mid 12th Century and was rebuilt mid-13th century because of a fire. Since then it was a sacred events and also archery tournaments during the Edo-period. But the most famous thing about the temple is that it is home of over a thousand standing statues of guardian deities.

Tranquil surroundings
Amazing Kyoto…

Before entering the temple grounds, make sure that you explore the grounds a bit because the surroundings are amazingly kept and during cherry blossom season, the scenes are amazing.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cherry blossom petal rain
One of my favourite photos from the trip
Archery comps use to happen here

For those who are curious about what’s inside, unfortunately, no photos were allowed – and given that it was a temple – you should always respect that. For those who are planning to visit Kyoto – don’t miss the Regeoin – because the inside is impressive. Just don’t forget to leave your shoes outside.

We arrived just after a school group

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