Philosopher’s Trail, Kyoto – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

Cherry Blossom viewing is something that both Japanese locals and visitor makes an effort to view at least once in their lifetime, it is something that reminds everyone the fleeting beauty of life and that such beauty should be treasured when possible. Kyoto is regarded as once of the most traditional and beautiful cities in Japan and having that as a setting for cherry blossom viewing just makes the experience unbeatable. One of the best locations in Kyoto for such experience is known as the Philosopher’s Trail.

The path itself is away from the hustle and bustle of central Kyoto city, and you can park pretty close to the start of the path, you just need to walk up a slight hill and you can’t miss it because you know you’re there when you see a nice stream.

Start of something amazing
Everywhere is a perfect picture

From there, you just basically need to follow the path and soak in the beauty that the cherry blossom offers. A bit of a tip – try to come a bit earlier in the morning because that way its much less crowded. Enjoy some of my highlights.


And here are some of my favourite photos that day:

Can be an ad for Japan and the 86
Circling perfection…
Mini monk!
Making the old new again
I need a tree like this

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