Intercontinenal Osaka revisit & Surrounding roam – Experience – Photo gallery

For our Japan trip, we went Cherry Blossom viewing in Kyoto (staying at Hyatt Regency) and then drove from Kyoto to Osaka (stopping for an amazing bowl of Ramen on the way). One of the go-to places that we stay at in Osaka is the Intercontinental Osaka (which I previously reviewed) – this is partly due to the excellent location – and also because being an IHG Ambassador member – you get cool little upgrades.

Use phone code 01 663745700 or click here

If you’re driving, Intercontinenal Osaka has on-site parking and you just park yourself – which is pretty simple (just make sure you get your ticket validated) – the great thing about revisit the hotel is the familiarity 🙂

Check-in was really smooth and quick – we were in our room in no time!

One thing that I love about this place is that as someone who tries to work out even during on breaks is the fact that the Fitness Center here offers clothes you can borrow for free – I requested it beforehand – and was very happy to see it already there in the room – it’s these little touches that counts!

Clothes for workout! Excellent!

Ready to go – Ms. Buddha and I decide to head out to the surrounding area – where there was a market at the Osaka Grand Front area where they were selling many organic goods!

People lining up to win things inside Osaka Grand Fronts


Outdoor market – we had to check it out!
Mushrooms – omg – if only we had a kitchen!


After roaming the surrounding a bit, it was starting to get dark and we heard music – and also a place that was appealing to my inner OTAKU!!

After a roam and a dinner (more on that later) – we got back and there was a packet of candy (these tasted quite nice!) and also some evening wear for Ms. Buddha and I – certainly a nice touch.

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A perfect end to the evening…

Cannot get enough of this place – just so relaxing.

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