Osaka Department Store Food Binge – Food Review

One thing that has somewhat become a tradition between Ms. Buddha and I whenever we visit Japan is the fact that we always have one night (normally the last night) where we raid a department store’s basement food court and just pick and choose all the food we want – and this visit to Osaka was no different. The thing you have to be aware of when visiting Department store basements is that it can get really crowded closer to closing because prices for fresh goods are reduced as a measure to limit food wastage (something Hong Kong can learn a lot on) – needless to say, it was packed!

With our foods bought, we made our way back to the Hotel to enjoy our “loot” for the night.

First thing we tried was a favourite of Ms. Buddha and I, egg sandwiches – these were excellent in the fact that the bread was incredibly soft while the eggs were still slightly runny – actually much better than the one we bought before our ANA Flight.

What’s in the box?
Delicious Egg Sandwiches!

Next was something that Ms. Buddha picked because she was looking for something “lighter” – potato salad – they were nice but the mayo were a little too strong for me.

Potato Salad

Ms. Buddha also got a smoked salmon salad – which I didn’t have much off (because didn’t feel like salad – but she seems to have enjoyed it.

Smoked salmon salad

My next pick were dumplings, and whilst the flavour of the fillings and meat were delicious, the dumplings themselves were a little too cold (no microwave unfortunately) – so could’ve been slightly better.

Dumplings – better if they were hotter

In line with my “I wanted something unhealthy” thinking, I went for fried chicken, they were selling these by the buckets but I wanted to leave room for different things – the chicken were delicious and stayed warm even after a long walk.

Karaage – fried chicken!

The last couple of dishes were from the same store and they were both beef, from the shop itself, they looked great and the taste were excellent in the sense that the quality of the meet were great. The ones in the box were a little too fatty though (getting old).


A tiny bit too fatty for my taste



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