LengShuiKeng (冷水坑) Hike and Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

One of the things about being based in Hong Kong is the ability to visit a lot of places around Asia – which is a surprise that this trip to Taiwan was the first time that I’ve visited for leisure, so Ms. Buddha and I made sure we went somewhere a little bit more out of the way – especially when we had a car with us. As a result we decided to take a 1 hr drive from Taipei to Leng Shui Keng.

When you arrive, make sure your first stop is the visitor center – that’s mainly because you can check our route and also make sure you’re prepared sufficiently for it. Parking is also available (minimal payment).


The visitor center itself also has a little store where you can buy some drinks – not surprisingly – on a sunny day like ours – it was packed with people hiding from the sun.

Make sure you buy some water if you forgot

The bloke at the visitor center must’ve thought that Ms. Buddha and I were too unprepared and weren’t sure how fit we were, because we asked where the Mt Qixing route is and he told us then asked several times that we were ready because it is tough – once again, you’ve got to appreciate the Taiwanese hospitality – the starting point is not too far from the carpark.


The hike itself takes about 2 hours – and whilst it is tough, it’s not THAT tough – be prepared that you’re effectively walking up a very steep hill pretty much the whole time. The view and surrounding is very picturesque, especially with the perfect blue sky.


Whilst tough, the view is definitely worth it – as one of the other hikers certainly thought so…

Mr. King of the mountain

Be aware that there are a lot of people at the peak though – so be careful while you try to take some truly incredible panorama shots of Taiwan!

View of the ocean
You can spot Taipei 101 in the distance

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