Mercado Central and Central Bar, Valencia – Roam & Food Review

One of the things that have become a must visit for Ms. Buddha and I went visiting places is to visit their food markets (especially in Spain!) Not only are food normally pretty high quality – you also get to see a bit of how the locals live – this is particularly the case for Valencia’s Central Market.

One of the great things that I actually love a lot about the Valencia’s version of the Central Market is because the city itself is smaller compared to Madrid and Barcelona – it’s also less crowded and you can actually relax and enjoy yourself a bit.

Much less crowded than Barcelona

Because the market typically sells fresh products and meats – not only will you drool uncontrollably looking at all the great food available, it’s also an overload of colour stimulation! Enjoy!

Central Bar Restaurant

With our eyes properly stimulated, it was time to look over our bellies as well! There’s one proper place to have food at the market – the very famous Central Bar – there’s a bit of a wait time, but it’s worth it!

The restaurant is owned by a local celebrity chef – this place is like his “casual diner” – the first thing that we ordered was some curry meatballs and also Ms. Buddha’s favourite croquette.

The curry was mild but the quality of the meatballs were amazing – paired perfectly with the sauce, whilst the croquette just made Ms. Buddha smile from ear to ear!

Curry Meatball and Croquette

Next was one of my favourite cuts in pigs, the ear! The pigs ear was fried with a nice hot sauce on it – I love pigs ear because the skin absorbs the sauces and cooking process well whilst the cartilage adds a crunchy texture – perfect!


Last thing were the sandwiches – everything else was not an option after I saw “scrambled eggs with liver” – the eggs paired well with the liver and the light handful of onions absorbed the oiliness that you’d otherwise get from liver – the only change I’d suggest is the bread being a bit thinner and softer.

Ms. Buddha went for something a little more different (they’re not apple slices!) and went for the squid – I had one slice and it had a great texture along with a strong taste of the olive oil used to cook it!

For food lovers – the Mercado Central in Valencia is a must visit!


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