Intercontinental Nanjing – Executive Suite and Club Lounge Review

For our first leisure trip to China together, Ms. Buddha and I decided to go with Nanjing for the destination because we were hoping that second line cities would be less crowded; and also because of the rich history of Nanjing being China’s capital years ago. One additional benefit is the fact that they have an Intercontinental brand hotel in the city – and it’s located in the tallest building in the city!

Check-in Lobby

We arrived via Blacklane booked transfer which was about 45 USD for the trip – which is reasonable given that the ride was about 40 mins. The check-in was smooth apart from a very loud and intoxicated “gentle”man trying to cut the line declaring he needed something. The check-in lobby is massive!

The Room – Executive Suite

To get to the room, you need to first take a lift to a secondary lobby before getting to the lift to the floors where the rooms are – the lobby and corridor area is quite modern and nice.

When we arrived into the room, we were pleasantly surprised, the living room area is quite spacious but not over the top like some of the other places we’ve been to – and the couch was actually very comfortable!

The living room also has a very nice “office” space which ended up being quite useful to just relax a little and read – on top of watching football on the couch!

Onto the rest! To be honest, I loved the bathroom given that it has a very opened design and Ms. Buddha loved the idea for the double sink so I am not a nuisance to her daily routine – the bath area was super nice as to just soak in the night view – although the pollution was pretty bad while we were there.

Given that this is the tallest building in Nanjing, the view is pretty amazing – but pollution is common in China – so what can you do!

The Club Lounge

If you’re booked into the Executive Suite, you also get access to the Club Lounge, which offers up breakfast, afternoon tea and also evening drinks and nibbles – the lounge itself is probably one of the largest Intercontinental Lounges I’ve been to in a while – the entrance is pretty amazing itself.

Once inside – you’d be impressed with how extravagant it looks, the ceiling is quite high and actually really pleasant to be there. Service wise, the people were very diligent if not a bit too submissive, but I think this is expected given that people tend to treat service staff like slaves here…

Food wise, we actually had breakfast (to dodge the crowd) and also night time nibbles there a few times – the variety wasn’t immense but otherwise the quality was great and service was always so accommodating.

Needless to say, the view was pretty amazing too!

Amazing view

The Gym

Those who knows my traveling habits already know that I tend to use the hotel gym for my runs a lot! So I was pleased to see the gym here was very well equipped! Funny experience was an elderly lady saw a cloth on the ground and thought it was mine and picked it up for me!


The Intercontinental Nanjing is definitely something that came as a surprise for me in terms of service and also the room finishing – as a starting point to the Nanjing trip, it was definitely somewhere nice to start!



    1. Overall it felt pretty clean although (read some horror stories before going) but it’s not as clinically clean as you would in Japan. The sheets were changed daily and the room was very comfortable for just the two of us.
      View was definitely amazing in the moments the sky was clear!

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