National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

One of the weird little things that I love to do when Ms. Buddha has a road trip is go on a little exploration on my own – and a type of place that I absolutely enjoying immersing myself into is art galleries, after doing a lot of research before the trip – I went for the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo.

It was a bit rainy on the day but nothing could deter me! The building itself is not the most distinct building, although it’s not that hard to miss – because I had time, I went for the ticket including the temporary “Japan House: Architecture and Life after 1945” exhibit.

Japan House: Architecture and Life after 1945

The exhibit is MOMAT’s temporary show and I have to start off by saying that I know nothing about architecture, that said, one of my closest and important friend is an architect so I was keen to find out more about the field of work.

The exhibit started off with a lot of information which was an interesting read – but no photos were allowed. Post that, it moved onto a more modern style of and actually offered a lot of details!

Frankly, during a lot of the reading, I just felt it was very interesting although I didn’t have much idea whether things were “good” or “bad” – that said, I did capture a few which I thought were my highlights!

Seperation of floors
“Indoor” garden
A home that travels with you!
Open space but still private – each room can’t see into another

MOMAT Collection

Post exploring the temporary exhibit, you’re directly upstairs to MOMAT’s permanent show where the works of many Japanese artists – there was a section for the most revered pieces.

Before exploring the rest of the gallery, I enjoyed the “Room with a view” which was very calming to just watch the world go by in silence.

As I roamed around the gallery, it was just incredible just to see the variety of Japanese artists, their international influences and also various pieces that reminds you of works by more famous works.

For me, there was one artist that was by far my favourite – Higashiyama Kaii – the pieces were just “tranquil”. The photos do not do the works enough justice.


For those who are wondering what museums to visit, MOMAT should definitely make your list if art is something that interests you – you will not be disappointed.




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