Conrad Tokyo – King Room – Hotel Review

One thing about Tokyo is that because it’s one of the most visited city in Japan, there are a LOT of hotels to choose from. During the recent trip there to join Ms. Buddha post her work trip – I decided to check out the Conrad Tokyo after Ms. Buddha stayed at the Mandarin Oriental (guest post pending). The Conrad Tokyo is located close to Shimbashi.

After dropping Ms. Buddha off at work – I started making my way there to check myself in and got a first hand experience of morning peak hour traffic.

Wait wait wait…

Once you arrive at the hotel, there’s actually really clear directions to the car park, which has dedicated lifts taking guests up to the ground level lobby – where you can’t check in (that said – design was excellent).

Check In

The official check-in area is higher up and once again, I was impressed by the openness of Conrad’s lobbies – and the design was quite consistent with Conral Seoul.

Being a Diamond guest however – the check in was done at their Lounge – honestly, I always felt this was a little overkill (and wastes my time a little) – but the view was at least pretty decent.

The Room

Once checked in – I made my way to the room, and enjoyed the design of the interior some more!

The room itself, even though it’s just a basic room at the Conrad, was sufficient size for Ms. Buddha and I (especially when the plan was not to stay in for much) – the room had a nice opened design.

From a bathroom perspective, it was nice and bright, but most importantly, it was clinically clean – where was also the typical amenity and Conrad toy.

On one of the nights – team left a little gift for Ms. Buddha and I, which was a sweet touch and the candy became good pick me ups during long drives on the weekend.

Oh! And did I say that the bed was super comfortable?

Super comfy bed – with a little bird friend

The Breakfast

With the Diamond membership, you get free breakfast, which is at the lobby area – the view is actually really nice, except for the fact that the days we were there, the weather was gloomy.

The selection available was great and one thing that I have noticed is that breakfast at the Conrad does not have the widest selection, but the quality is always top notch – which to me is the important part!

Final Word

Overall, the stay at the Conrad Tokyo was excellent and I was very impressed with the entire stay, the only regret was the fact that because of our incredibly packed schedule, I didn’t get to enjoy a little bit of the lounge!

So you don’t forget where you are 🙂

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