Kikanbou (鬼金棒), Kanda – Revisit – Food Review

Ramen is something that I always have during every visit to Japan, and when visiting Tokyo, my go to place is Kikanbou (鬼金棒), my favourite chilli ramen place full stop.

One thing that changed from my previous visits is that the location at the corner has now become their tsukemen shop, and their main shop is now slightly down the road. It was about 2pm when I got there but there was still a line.

They “upgraded” the ordering ticket machine – it’s now available in English!

Ready for 2020!

For me – I got Oni (devil) level for both numbness and chilli, with ticket in hand, the wait begins.

Oni Level package

The “new” store is actually a lot bigger than the corner shop inside, and the decor is quite cute with the oni weapon and a much bigger kitchen area.

After a short wait, my favourite bowl arrived and joy flooded over me!

I smile every time I see this!

The soup base was excellent an the thickness complimented the strong level of chilliness nicely – the great thing about the chilli cuts through the oiliness of the Tonkotsu soup – once again, I loved the bean sprouts (something I don’t generally like). Most people keep the meat till last because they think that’s the best bit, for me, it’s the noodles!

Oh, did I mention the egg was excellent as well

For me, the very best part is finishing the soup as well – mission accomplished!

When you see the Oni’s you’re done!

Kikanbou may not be the best ramen in Japan according to Tabelog or reviewers, but it definitely has a special spot in my heart, until next visit!



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