Little Burro – Sheung Wan

About a month or so back, Ms Buddha and I were craving for some Mexican food and because we wanted to try something a little different than the (insert Mexican place on wing lok) – we found a new shop called “Little Burro” located opposite Upper Modern Bistro in Sheung Wan. It was incredibly quiet when we got there with only one customer getting a takeaway, and we ended up ordering a chicken burrito (for Ms Buddha) and a tofu burrito bowl for myself.

Little Burro Burito
Little Burro Roll
Little Burro Bowl
Little Burro Bowl

To be very honest, neither were that fantastic given that whilst the chicken and the tofu where great, the rice was very undercooked (to the point where it crunched) – the serving was massive but my suggestion is they should make sure they make sure each ingredient is prepared correctly in the future.

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