Heathrow Terminal 5 Aspire Lounge

On our recent trip to Manchester – we had to make a connection at Heathrow because Cathay doesn’t fly direct from Hong Kong on a daily basis and thus we had a 3-hour stopover at Heathrow and had to transit from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5.

Having watched the documentary about Megastructures, I was actually looking forward to seeing Terminal 5 and what the new Aspire lounge had to offer.

Decor at Terminal 5

Given that Terminal 5 was the main British Airways terminal, it meant that most of the lounges available were BA lounges until earlier this year when the Aspire Lounge opened – this meant that Priority Pass holders now have a lounge to visit during layovers. As Ms Buddha and I both hold the Priority Pass because of the Citi Prestige Card that I wrote about earlier (link here) – we were both quickly allowed into the lounge after showing our cards. (Also would like to compliment the young lad who was very friendly!)

Aspire Lounge Entrance at Terminal 5 – Very friendly reception staff

The lounge wasn’t impressively big nor fancy to be honest, and was quite packed given that it was a Friday night. The service staff were friendly, but maybe could have paid more attention to the facilities’ cleanliness as there were quite a bit of food being scattered around the floor. (Not the staffs’ fault that there are messy customers, but would give off a better impression if the place was cleaner).

There was a part area along with a small hot and cold food bar that were free; there were some more substantial meals that cost money along with the use of the showers and spa (about 20 pounds for a shower).

The bar and the food area

All and all, the facility had an open feel to it because it was situated at one of the corners of the terminal and provided a nice view of the tarmacs.

View of the tarmac from at the Aspire Lounge

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