The Boozy Cow – Food Review

On the recent trip to UK, we arrived at Edinburgh after a short visit to Newcastle for their GAME ON 2.0 expo. Since that by the time we arrived at Edinburgh, it was about 6pm (and rainy) – we checked into the APEX Waterloo Edinburgh hotel quickly, dropped our bags and went out looking for some food.

Given that we were completely unfamiliar with the place, we decided to just walk towards where the crowds are down Princes St – which I think is one of the main streets in Edinburgh until we decided to walk down one of the side streets for a better chance of food, leading us to The Boozy Cow.

On Frederick street just off Princes St

The thought of burger and alcohol was incredibly inviting after a very long driving trip from Manchester, plus, the entrance was oddly inviting:

Front Door
Boozy Cow awaits

When we entered, we were greeted by the very friendly and chilled staff who directed us to one of the tables – menus were provided with the advice of “we eat with our hands and just get in there!” – that’s pretty much music to my ears! Here’s the menu:

After almost a decade together – Ms Buddha has been well trained in the art of eating chilli food, so we both ordered the burgers with chilli and some chicken dippers with chilli, as we waited, I commented how I really liked the decor.

Pretty awesome art, especially the left.

Didn’t take too long in real world time, but since that I was hungry, by the time the burger arrived, I was ready! And I was not disappointed.

How can you say no

The meat in the burger was done very well with a good mixture of fat and meat, although, the bun could be that slightly more crispier. The dippers were nice, and in particular the sauce, which had the right amount of heat for me to give it for thumbs up!


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