Edinburgh Larder Cafe – Review

There’s a side effect to running that I love – apart from the increased fitness and also less stress overall – it allows me to eat what I want. And one thing that I normally do while on holiday is eat breakfast (compared to nothing during normal days).

Having started the day early with a 1hr run, I was starving and wanted something a bit more substantial for breakfast, cue Google and the Edinburgh Larder Cafe. On the map it was close to the Museum of Childhood that I mentioned previous on my review of the Wedgewood Restaurant. It’s actually quite easy to spot the Edinburgh Larder because of their baby blue door.

Right next to Museum of Childhood again!

I normally don’t allow myself a full breakfast even while away, but since that my run was done, I went all in with the Bacon + Eggs + Sausage + Mushroom combination – and I was not disappointed!! Ingredients were fresh and eggs were not overcooked – sausage was a bit salty though. Ms Buddha went for the slightly healthier alternative of Eggs + Mushroom + Tomato and beans.

Eggs + Tomato + Mushroom + Beans
Bacon and Eggs
Eggs + Mushroom + Sausage + Bacon

I’d like to take a moment to say that the staff at this place was wonderful, it was very busy the day we came and the open kitchen was staffed by 2 young ladies who managed everything very well. The only waitstaff was also very efficient and helped out in the kitchen when possible – great teamwork.

By the time we finished, the place had gotten a little quieter and we sat for a bit to enjoy the rest of our coffee – excellent start to the day.

Nice and cosy.jpg

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