David Bann Restaurant – Review

A fair few people are surprised when I say I actually like vegetarian meals – maybe because I’m quite portly to begin with or because I seem to like meat sooo much! But I’d take good vegetarian food over average meat dishes any day.

To try something different, Ms Buddha picked David Bann, which is a more modern vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh, and you guessed it, located off the Royal Mile and pretty much walking distance to Wedgewood and the Edinburgh Larder.

It’s like we never left the area!

The night was cold, wet and dark, so it was comforting when we arrived and the warmth of the restaurant thawed us. Unfortunately, the staff were quite passive and frankly borders on unfriendly – whilst they took the orders and were efficient, I didn’t actually feel like they had any “awareness” of what was going on – took a bit longer to respond to us wishing to order – the restaurant was pretty empty.

I wasn’t feeling that hungry so just had some nicely baked bread, whilst Ms Buddha asked for the Soup to warm her up a bit more.

Soup with freshly baked bread

After the mains, I went with the Blue Cheese Mousse (because…cheese!); and Ms Buddha went for the Koftas – both were nice, although the Mousse was a little bit too starchy – maybe it was because I’ve never had something like this before, but it did taste good. And overall the dishes were quite inventive and different. The Koftas looked delicious but I think that night I was just a little tired from all the driving and rain so didn’t take the offer to try it.

Aubergine, chick pea and cashew koftas
Aubergine, chick pea and cashew koftas
Parsnip, Bramley apple and Dunsyre Blue cheese mousse.
Parsnip, Bramley apple and Dunsyre Blue cheese mousse

To finish things off, I think I wanted a bit of a caffeine hit without having an actual coffee, so we shared a dark chocolate souffle which frankly was very very good, and thankfully not too sweet at all.

Dark chocolate soufflé
Dark chocolate soufflé

Overall, the restaurants location was decent and the food quite good, but I think for them to be able to offer a bit more of a customer experience, their staff will have to be just a little bit more “into” the job they’re doing. I know when it’s wet, gloomy and quiet it’s not great – so maybe it was just an off night for them.

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