2016 Fukuoka Kyshuu trip Highlights Part 2 (Hotels)

For the second part of the summary of my 2016 Fukuoka trip (2016 Fukuoka Kyshuu trip Highlights Part 1 (Lounges and Food)), I’d like to speak about where the best stays are for our trip. Whenever Ms Buddha and I travel, we like to taste test various different accommodations so that we can experience as much as possible in the shortest time possible.

Best Design

Although the designs and facilities at the majority of the properties we went to were excellent, one that still impresses me when looking back at the photos was the property at Garden Terrace Nagasaki.

Not only was the design of the buildings impressive, the little details of the bath facilities and also the designs of the furniture gave a very modern feel in a city where a lot of the properties tends to be more traditional. The location was a little bit out of the way (you do need a car) but given the view you get, it is well worth the additional 10 minutes drive. (Read more about it here: Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Hotel Review)

Best View

When it comes to views, there’s really little to beat compared to the view that you get at Seikai, which by far had a view that both Ms Buddha and I just smiled every day we went back to the room. Not only was the living room impressive, the private onsen (hot spring) that you get overlooking the horizon just takes away all the stresses of the day. You can see more of the view here: Shiosai-no-yado Seikai (潮騒の宿 晴海) – Stay Review

Best Service

In terms of service, it is very very very difficult to fault, and when you get a place that goes even above and beyond that standard, it is hard not to give them extra brownie points! And that award definitely goes to Seikai again – not only were they incredible with organising the daily meals and timings, they also went to the effort of getting one of their restaurants to make a vegetarian meal for me when they typically don’t.

Ban-Ya Restaurant – Seikai 晴海 – Dinner Review

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