2016 Fukuoka Kyshuu trip Highlights Part 1 (Lounges and Food)

After spending a LOT of time going through the photos in the past few weeks and making sure I haven’t missed anything from the trip, I thought back at what would be some of the things that I would definitely recommend first time travelers to Fukuoka and what would be something definitely worth visiting (or visit again for me!).

Airport Lounges

Now I haven’t been to the new First Class Cathay Lounge Hong Kong (yet! stay tuned :P) – but one lounge that really stood out from the previous lounges I’ve been was the new Cathay Pacific Lounge in Taipei – the new design definitely adds a new feeling of class, and it’s also large enough so that you don’t get the overcrowded feeling that you get in Hong Kong nowadays – food offering was excellent! Read more about it here: Cathay Taipei Taoyuan Lounge – Review


Food Experiences

Itoshima Kakigoya – Oyster Hut

If you’re looking for food, one of the best experience in terms of novelty and pricing during our trip must have been the Oyster Huts! Not only do you get a kilo of oysters really cheap! You also get the experience of grilling it and waiting for the “BANG” that happens as the Oyster opens up! The service was incredible and experiencing something that so many locals also enjoy is definitely worth the effort of getting there. You can find out how to get there here: Itoshima Kakigoya – Oyster Hut – Roam Review

Hitokuchigyoza (一口ギョーザ), Nagasaki

When it comes to dumplings, I’m very picky because my grandmother spoiled me rotten with her terrific dumplings back when she was very nimble – since then, unless dumplings were nice, I will refuse to eat them. Hitokuchigyoza is everywhere in Nagasaki, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their original store was excellent, make sure you also order the scrambled eggs! Hitokuchigyoza (一口ギョーザ), Nagasaki – Review

Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast and having something that is simple yet elegant at the same time, very little breakfast comes close to the way Japanese does it, and during our trip, the breakfast highlight must go to the Japanese breakfast from Garden Terrace Nagasaki – the view was great and the food was excellent!

Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast Day 1 – Review

Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast Day 2 – Review

Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast Day 3 – Review

Ban-Ya Restaurant – Seikai 晴海 – Vegetarian meal

Although this wasn’t the BEST meal I’ve had, I think Ban-Ya won my heart because of the sheer effort that they went to in order for me to have an incredible vegetarian meal on Chinese New Year day – it says a lot about Seikai’s hospitality and definitely shows that they’ll go the extra mile to make you feel special!

Ban-Ya Restaurant – Seikai 晴海 – Dinner Review

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