Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Hotel Review

One thing I do enjoy about traveling is that it offers you an opportunity to try different hotels and stays. And as mentioned in my ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka review, because the island of Kyushu is still so far relatively untouched by many tourists compared to Tokyo and Osaka, finding accommodation higher on the luxury scale was slightly harder.

For our stop in Nagasaki, I couldn’t find any hotels that appealed to me within the city, so I ended up choosing one that was higher up in the mountains overlooking the city. The reason for this was we had a car anyway – and I was not disappointed. The Garden Terrace Nagasaki is located up on a hill away from the main streets, so if you’re planning to go there, use the number 95-864-7777 instead of 95-864-7776 in your GPS (somehow this number doesn’t take you there) and then watch out for the road signs.

Use 095-864-7777

Once you get to the property, you’ll be directed to the main building where there is valet parking available. All the staff are very professional and friendly – and overall speaks sufficient English – although I don’t think they have a lot of English speaking visitors.

We hired the Ocean Suite this time and because the actual rooms were further away from the main building, someone drove us in a golf cart – kind of fun!

Drive 2
Our very friendly driver

Apart from the view of the property, the room itself is quite incredible, Ms Buddha saw it and fell in love it with it! The wood theme was fantastic and felt very high quality.

View from the entrance
View back towards the entrance
Super comfy slippers and my much needed shoehorn

Next was the bathroom, once again, they had what I love which was the shower and bath are separate from the rest of the bathroom area.

Separate sinks – Ms Buddha’s favourite
Nice view from the bath – my favourite

I’m not a man of caring about brand names – but apparently BVLGARI is impressive and what I found even more impressive was the amenity kit itself – the kit was very well stocked!

Amenity Kit

Now the highlight of the place and what the place offers, the view, I have to say, it was very impressive.

What is more impressive was the night view!


The property itself was designed by the quite famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and the buildings are certainly very impressive, in particular the main hotel building where the smaller rooms are located and also the building where weddings are held.

Main Building
Hotel grounds
CNY Night
Reception Building – it was close to CNY

Overall, one of the additional highlights of the experience was the hospitality and friendliness of the staff – because we stayed for more than 2 nights, they also offered us a bottle of champagne for our stay and a surprise snack as a thank you when we returned on our last night – it’s always these little things that counts!

Simple champagne, but still very good for a night watching the view
Nice gesture

The rates include breakfast and also they have 4 restaurants that you can choose to go to during your stay (extra cost) – we didn’t have a chance to try them out because we already planned our dinners but the prices don’t look overly expensive. Overall, although the place is slightly higher priced compared to the rest of the places in Nagasaki – it is well worth it for the additional level of luxury.


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