SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong – Review (Guest Post)

Hi everyone. It’s me, Ms Buddha! Mr Buddha requested that I write a few guest posts on my recent business trip to Singapore so here is my first.

My flight to Singapore was in the early evening on a Sunday. As I hadn’t flown with Singapore airlines in a while I took advantage of the trip and arrived early to check out their SilverKris lounge.

Entrance matching the Singapore Airline’s colour theme

The SilverKris lounge was much preferred over any of the CX business lounges in HK simply because it wasn’t crowded. The design was consistent with their business cabin in the warm dusk tone.

Not crowded at all!! Unlike CX’s

Food selection was impressive. Decent variety and as Singapore is more multi cultural than HK, this was reflected in their food counter too. I managed to get a bit of everything and also ordered a freshly made laksa. Even though I am normally a fan of the dan dan noodles at the CX lounge, you gotta hand it to Singapore airlines for the authenticity of their made to order lounge laksa. Highly recommended!


A little bit of everything

Delicious Laksa

As you will find out over the next few posts I have new found respect for the food quality in Singapore, so please stay tuned!

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