Singapore Airlines SG865 – Hong Kong to Singapore – Business Review

It’s guest post time – and the guest is none other than my dear wife Ms Buddha! Enjoy!

Mr Buddha told me a lot of good things about the new SG business cabin so there were certain expectations and you just can’t help but to compare against CX. SeatsSpacious seat with lots of leg room and I was lucky enough to sit by myself too.


I was particularly fond of the location of the charging socket where you can easily have device charging and tucked away in the compartment with no cables hanging anywhere. Unfortunately, on my way back the socket wasn’t working at my seat. The head purser of the business cabin was extremely proactive though in helping me out. In fact he made an immediate impression by shaking everyone’s hand and introducing himself.

Convenient socket – loved by Ms Buddha

Mr Buddha prepped me well. He researched ahead and told me I could pre-order meals for SG flights, up to 24 hours before departure. The new online UI (I believe they were upgrading) was quite intuitive to use and I managed to pre-book all my meals both ways. One thing did struck me, there must have been over 20 choices of various culinary, so definitely a large selection! If you don’t pre-order then you simply get the standard business cabin meals per the menu.

The seared scallop with pesto entree was standard for everyone whether you pre-ordered or not. The entree was tasty and generous in portion.

Seared scallop entree

This massive hainanese chicken rice was my selection. Perhaps the lounge laksa really shot the lights out, I was a little unsatisfied with the chicken being slightly on the tough side even though it was meaty. (I’d take chicken thigh over breast any day.) The rice was so big I barely ate half. Really should have said no to the garlic bread.


And dessert is always nice with ice-cream!


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