EVA Air Business – Taipei to Osaka (KIX) – Review

As I previously mentioned, EVA Air as several different versions of their business classes, and Ms Buddha and I had the fortunes of trying out all 3 of their business class offerings on our recent Easter Break to Osaka.

I would call this the “medium haul” version and frankly, I think the business class for their medium haul is brand new and for flights of about 3-4 hours, I actually think that it is 100% perfect in terms of the hard product.

Nice new seats

The seats has really good leg room and has more of a capsule feel to it compared to the slightly more dated Cathay offering. Much newer as well!!

Excellent Legroom
Larger screen
Bigger screens

As I mentioned, EVA allows you to pre-book meals, and there are offerings for business class “medium haul” and up which offered meals that aren’t available on the flight unless you’ve booked.

Ms Buddha booked the whole “Japanese set” and went for the more traditional garlic prawns set. It’s a rare occurrence where Ms Buddha actually looks at me with the “this is delicious!” look, and this is the first time on a flight where Ms Buddha has done that on a flight – she was seriously impressed with what was offered by EVA. My garlic prawns were good and tasty, but not “blow your mind” level.

The apparently delicious Japanese set

The dessert, the Hagen Dass, was a limited edition Caramel Pear, which Ms Buddha and I both approved of. I also managed to order one of their cocktails which were a little “green” – tasty though.

Hagen Das limited edition
Very green drink

The rest of the time was spent using the “BOSE” noise cancelling headphones, which were quite good – but I’ve kind of gotten use to using my own headphones for a while now (B&O Play products has kind of become a staple in our household, because they seem to “just work”.

Nicer headphones

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