Venice – Jewish Ghetto Roam – Experience / Snack (Birreria Zanon) Review

After we checked in at the Carnival Hotel – one thing Ms. Buddha and I really do enjoy is go for a long walk to get familiar with our location – and because we were also very hungry – after about a 4 hr drive – we decided to walk around the Jewish ghetto close by. I actually quite loved the area in that it was incredibly tranquil and there were odd bits of graffiti everywhere (more on that later).


Love the tranquility
Feeling quite peckish – we started looking for places to have a snack – and we came across this cute little place called Birreria Zanon  which offered excellent cheap wine by the glass and small sandwiches – I have to tell you, a nice cool glass of wine and some tasty tapas size sandwiches was perfect and also delicious! And after a lot of travelling, the glass of wine was the official start to the holiday!
Fondamenta dei Ormesini, 2735, 30121 Venezia, Italy – about 15mins walk from Carnival Hotel
Front door with people just chilling
Excellent….just excellent
After a good meal – we walked a bit more and enjoyed what the area had to offer – have to admit – the crowded areas are scary in Venice – but the quiet areas really brings out the real beauty of what Venice had to offer.
I have to admit, the area itself is probably one of my favourites after visiting the whole of Venice – the reason being that you really see how residents actually live, and you feel the history that the city has on offer. In addition to that, the beauty with not being swamped with tourists allows you to find the little treasures that some people have left behind.
After a considerably long walk, we made our way back to the hustle and bustle near the hotel area and spotted some people who were training for their version of Dragonboat!

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