Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant, Venice – Review

If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s to try cuisines that are different from the country that I’m staying at, that doesn’t mean that I just go anywhere – with a bit of research, you can often find some really good authentic places especially in less touristy areas. Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant was one of those places during our stay at Venice – Carnival Hotel and after our long roam Jewish Ghetto.

Cannaregio, 1122, 30121 Venezia, Italy

We didn’t have a booking, but since that it was quite early, seating wasn’t a problem (although it did get crowded very quickly!) Staff were slightly cold at first but then warmed up to be quite friendly in the end – we chose somewhere the sit inside because I’m just not an outside seating kind of person.

Pretty hard to miss – especially with the name of Gam Gam!

After getting comfortable we ordered and being a massive fan of cous cous (CX First class lounge) I made sure I had my fix with some meat! Ms Buddha went for some “Gam Gam Lasagna” and because fried potato to me is like a necessity – I ordered some potato latkes as well.

I can’t quite remember because I must’ve had a food coma after eating, but we either asked for appetizers as well or it just came with appetizers – but when the waitstaff came with plates upload plates of appetizers (including my favourite – falafels); the only thought that struck us was that we had ordered too much.

Appetizers – or in most other countries, sufficient for a full meal
Don’t forget we also ordered the Latkes

In terms of taste – I will say this now that if you’re up for some Kosher food and something a little different within Venice, Gam Gam is a place you’d want to visit. The appetizers were all excellent (really really love the falafel and also hommus) where you can taste the actual ingredients instead of the processed taste that you get normally. Needless to say, the Latkes were also very tasty! Next came the mains…and wow…

Enormous portion of cous cous
Gam Gam Lasagna

Here’s the thing about Venice, there’s an enormous amount of Americans that visit (in fact – you hear the American ascent more than actual Italian in the crowded places) – and I suspect that because of the target audience, the food therefore also changes in serving size to adapt to be XXL.

When the mains came, I was shocked how massive the serving sizes were – the cous cous and sauce was absolutely delicious! (Much much better than the CX lounge in fact) – and Ms. Buddha had a huge smile when she was having her dish, so it must’ve been quite delicious – but in terms of finishing the food, it was a slight struggle – especially when we both dislike wasting food.

All in all – the food was excellent and the service was great – definitely a highlight recommended place – although if you’re not a big eater – I suggest ordering just one dish less to make sure you don’t waste food!

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