Murano Island – Venice – Roam, Experience

When Ms. Buddha and I first started planning for the trip for Venice, we originally planned to see all of the touristy places, but after the arriving at the island and seeing the enormous crowd at the tourist spots, we did a last minute re plan in the comfort of our Carnival Hotel Suite and decide on visiting Murano instead.

It’s about 35mins boat ride via 4.2 boat

Getting to Murano requires you to purchase a waterbus ticket from a newsagent, it’s actually not that difficult to find vendors who sells them because if a store as a “T” bubble light, then you can go in buy a ticket – you can get tickets which are valid for 24 hours, meaning that you can activate it at 11am and still use the tickets if you’re checking out early morning the next day (what we did).

General route of the waterbus – can also check these easily online

We hopped on and just enjoyed the trip there – people may also consider taking the more expensive option of the water taxi – but Ms. Buddha tends to go for the more public version of transport during travel because it’s more “local” so I buckled.

Murano is a town famous for their glass products and when you arrive, pretty much every store is selling glass by very very well dress Italian men – but instead of the glass capturing my attention, it was the scenery that won me over.

Away from the hustle and bustle


As we roam further away from the tourist areas (where people were trying to purchase as much as they humanly can in glassware, you’ll come to realise that there really is tremendous amount of beauty to enjoy around the area.

So tranquil
True to their name – glass


Back to the crowd

It was a thoroughly enjoyable roam, and I don’t think words can adequately explain the beauty that the small island offers, because you really have to be there! We made our way back to Venice and got off a couple of stops earlier to do some more exploring. The place is truly stunning.

Reminds me of Assassin’s Creed – what’s the mission mister pigeon?

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