Cathay The Pier ( Business Class Lounge (New) – Review

One thing that Cathay has been doing in the last few years is putting their lounges through a renovation treatment, with each one changing to adapt to a generally consistent theme. The latest lounge that went through the update treatment was The Pier Lounge, which before the renovation, was the first lounge that I ever visited many years back (brings back memories). The lounge itself is situated close to gate 63 and 65.

Excited to visit the first lounge I’ve ever been to, but renewed!

The design of the lounge is very consistent with the updated Cathay First Class Lounge (The Pier) – Review and I really like the new design concept that they’ve adopted, the wood theme gives a much more natural feel to the place without forgoing the class. The were very clear signage and the place is actually quite massive given that it’s ultimately a lounge for Business Clas & OneWorld members, and even when this one is massive, Hong Kong airport has 5 Cathay Lounges.

Entrance into The Pier
Clear directions everywhere
More directions
Sitting areas

What is different from the other lounges is the additional of a a more Western food place which is manned by staff who cut/dish and serve food to you at your request – the food itself also looked quite decent – but Ms. Buddha didn’t have the more substantial meals.

Counter service
Needed 2 photos to show everything

In addition to the food counters, there’s also another area which housed the famous noodle bar which Cathay has been known for. We didn’t go for noodles this time, but it looked properly nice.

Noodle Bar area

Although we didn’t get the “heavier” meals, we did get some odds and ends which we were able to nibble at – and generally the quality was very good, although for the siu mai’s – I actually believe that the ones served in The Wing are different from the other lounges, and I prefer the ones at The Wing – the good thing is that the lounge food tends to be less salty than their flights.

Mini dinner
Mini dinner 2 before flight dinner

I think Cathay is heading in the right direction with their lounges, they’ve up classed the areas and allow for people to truly relax before the flight – the fact that The Pier tends to be less crowded compared to the other lounges at HKIA means that it has now become my favourite Business Class Lounge.

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