Amex Centurion Lounge – Hong Kong Airport – Lounge Review

Living in Hong Kong is great for travel since that it means that you’re always about 45 mins away from the airport and also your next trip, it also helps that Hong Kong Airport is also the home of many different lounge offerings – including the new lounge in the American Express Centurion Lounge portfolio.

Centurion Lounge entrance

To gain entrance, you’ll need to either have the Platinum Charge card or the Centurion Card (better known as “The Black Card”) – both allows you to bring 2 guests as well. Unfortunately, other co-branded Amex cards no longer gets access.

Just show the card at the entrance

The Space

The lounge itself is located near gate 60 and you can be traveling on any airlines to enter, being located at an elevated level – the lounge has a very opened view to it – and being new, it has a nice clean feel to it.

Food and Drink

One thing they market about the lounge is that there’s a fully serviced bar, which turned out to be quite nice – the service was super friendly when I went although a little slow given that the poor bartender was being bombarded with multiple orders – I ordered the Blue Door – which was great!

The bar
Cocktail and drinks menu
Blue Door

Food wise, the offering was adequate, although I’d prefer there to be more of an Asian spin to it like the Cathay Lounges. That said – the food quality was quite good and Ms. Buddha really enjoyed the salads.

Opened buffet
Decent variety – although could have a bit more local flare

Final verdict

In terms of Amex Lounges, I think the new addition to the Amex Portfolio definitely adds a good option for travelers in Hong Kong – unfortunately, I don’t have the Black Card (yet! :P) to enter the Centurion Card holders area – but for those who can have access and aren’t traveling with Cathay – this lounge is a great stop.



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